With the help of the Frustrader Open-Trades indicator, it is possible to see the number of open contracts and the total amount of their profits and losses at a glance.

**Note: You can test the product without registering, but follow the registration steps for full access to use the product.

The Frustrader Open-Trades Indicator is designed to instantly inform the trader of the results of the following items:

    • Chart spread rate
    • Amount of all open contracts in lots
    • Total profit or loss of all open contracts

This information is visible for each Currency pairs in the chart itself.
An example of the information that this indicator displays can be seen in the image below:

If the sell positions are opened, the number of contracts is displayed in red and if buy positions are opened, it is displayed in green.
Also, if positions are at loss, the amount of loss is shown in red and a negative sign, and if they are in profit, it is shown in green.

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