Open An Account

1. As an initial step, you need to register in Frustrader website, complete your profile and then select a broker from the list of Frustrader trusted brokers here 

2. Open an account in the selected broker via the Frustrader link. (If you already have an account, read the terms of transfer to Frustrader IB for each broker.)

3. After opening an account, either send an email to "" or send a ticket in your 'My Account' page with the subject "Authorization".

4. In this email/ticket, you must include :

    • your full name
    • your registered broker
    • your trading account number

Select Your Package

Clients must take into account:

    • If you already registered under our listed brokers..
    • If you already have deposited in your real trading account in accordance to the different levels of deposit*
    • If you already authorized your trading account through the authorization process**

You do not need to purchase any package. The package will be automatically active for your trading account for FREE.

* information regarding different levels of deposit is given on Brokers page individually for each broker.
** the authorization process is explained in the following section

After activating your account, you can download products including indicators, trading assistants and expert advisors.
Your level of access to each product is determined by your account or your active packages.
Click on the button below to check the level of access to each of the products and check the conditions of each of the plans.


Authorize Your Account

After completing all the above steps, you need to authorize your trading account.
This is very simple.
Frustrader has designed a script to authorize your trading account that you need to download and put in the path of MetaTrader scripts.
Then, by activating it, your account will be authorized and the products related to your package will be fully displayed to you.
Download the Frustrader authorization script via the link below.


Download Products

After completing the registration process, you can download and use the products at the levels of: free, silver, gold and platinum.


Refer to the installation guide for knowing how to install products on Meta trader.