Does it cost me any fee ? Or any percentage of profits I need to pay to you?

No, The cost is Zero. You don't need to pay a percentage of profits you make.

Do I need to be a market expert?

Of course you do not. Well, there are several methods based on which EAs are programmed, such as Trader Assistants, Risk management, or like a Semi-Automated and finally Fully-Automated Experts which perform entirely on their own. Frustrader benefits the latter one, so you won't need to be an expert. However, it can't be considered as a money generator machine either. It indeed needs further surveillance.

How do I make money then?

Despite the common charge of flat monthly fee, typically around $50 per month, we do not charge you for any fee initially from your packet or the profit you later make.

What is the minimum amount of capital required?

Our EAs use different strategies and depending on those strategies the amount of capital needed to enable or disable that strategy varies. The minimum amount of capital we offer is $10,000 for all functions to work, But if you want to use fewer functions, you might invest shorter capital, yet it can't be less than $2000.

Expert Advisor

What happens if the EA is not efficient? Or operates negatively?

We have set various functions in Expert which can adjust the drawdown, the percentage of maximum loss and the number of negative orders an account can undertake.

What should be done when an EA is at a loss?

You don't need to worry because EAs are programmed so that they can compensate for negative orders. In addition, we update "Preset" files daily and weekly on our website and social media. Therefore, being updated daily, EAs automatically cover losses

How do the EAs' performances not interfere with each other?

EAs, in general, are programmed to identify every single order by some tools. So the only thing left for the user to change is the magic number. So if you want to have the same EA on the same instrument yet on two different windows, you have to change the magic number. For example, in the first window, if the magic number is set to be 2000, it must be any other number rather than 2000. This is how the EA recognizes the orders and they don't interfere with each other.

How can you guarantee not losing lots of money if the market trends rapidly change?

All of the orders dispatched by our EAs have 'Stop Loss' and 'Take Profit' levels. Consequently in case of circumstances such as 'Black Monday' (in January 2015), expert function will not change vastly.

Should the EA be deactivated when the market is on high level of volatility?

Our EAs are set to analyze market volatility and get updated whenever fundamental news is about to spread. In case of an unprecedented situation, the expert will automatically stop and wait for the market trend to become evident.

Can you guarantee trading profits?

Of course not. Trading foreign currencies can be potentially profitable but it also carries a high level of risk. Likewise any Expert Advisor can't guarantee trading profits, either. However, there are plenty of parameters, as well as wise money management strategies which hold your account almost always green.


What volume of Lot is suggested to be set?

Our EAs will decide on turnover based on the risk factor (varying 1 to 100 percent) and the Balance of your trading account. So no more involvement is needed.

Does it make a difference which Broker to choose?

Of course yes. Different brokers include diverse parameters such as commission fee, swap, execution time and most importantly "Spread". Therefore EAs operate slightly differently. Meanwhile, brokers presented by Frustrader have authentic performance and perfectly match with our EAs.

What if symbols (such as dollar index) have different names in various brokers?
It doesn't matter what name each instrument has or whether it has a suffix or not. With a simple drag and drop on any window or chart you want, it starts working on that chart.