This 'Installation Guide' is prepared for Large ratio of Screen and Monitors. If you see is on Mobile or Tablet, you won't see the pictures.


Meta Trader

Meta Trader4 Platform

Trading has become easier since various trading platforms have been invented. Ranging from Web platform to some small, portable one on your smart phone, the most advanced and useful one is the MetaTrader. Every broker on our list has their own MT4/MT5 Platform, and therefore you can simply download it from broker website.

Link for Download

When you register in a broker, there would be a Download Link provided by the Broker.

If you dont have this link, you can download here:

💻 MetaTrader 4💻 MetaTrader 5

You need to consider that this version is a 'Raw' version, which does not contain your trading servers.


Install MT4

How to Install

Here you are about to install your downloaded MT4/MT5 by clicking on "Next". If you wanna have several platforms installed on your computer, you can change the "Installation Path" through the "Setting" option.

Final Step

The final step is when you click on "Finish" and in a very few seconds, your MT4/MT5 would be launched.


Main page of mql5[dot]com opens right after the installation is over. Well, you can simply close it.


Login to your
Trading Account

How to sign up

Once your MT4/MT5 is launched, a windows will be opened indicating several Real/Demo servers to open Real/Demo Account on selected one. Here, you have nothing to do with this tab and just simply close it

Login Time!

Now you are ready to "Log in" to your trading account: Enter your trading account number and your password, select your trading server and press "Login". Remember: The login details (Login/Password/trading Server) shall be provided by the broker you registered in. 


Please note that before you come along the Installation Process, you should have already registered in one of brokers listed here


Select & Download
Your Product

Choose Best Adviser

Either here or on the main Menu, you can select your EA/Indicator or Script and review its performance. Later, download any desired one and follow coming steps to install them. 


Please bare in mind that each type of "Expert Advisor/Indicator/Script" has got its own directory on the Metatrader. Dont get their location wrong!



Copy Product to
your Metatrader

First Step

On the launched Metatrader, you need to add the Product you have just downloaded, here you go.
Open 'File' menu, and select "Open Data Folder"

Next Step

Open directory 'MQL4' (for MT4) / 'MQL5' (for MT5)
Afterwards, depends on the type of product, select the relevant directory.

Last Step
Paste Products and relaunch the Metatrader, Or follow the next step.


Select Product
on Navigator tab

Your Navigator

On MT4/MT5 Platform, 'Navigator' tab, where you can find and manage your 'Experts, Indicators and Scripts'.

Refresh is Enough

Just refresh the 'Navigator' tab and there you will see the downloaded product.



Drag & Drop
on the Chart

Almost Ready

Opening the 'Expert Advisor, Indicator or Script' tab, you can see the list of tools including the one you added.
Move the mouse pointer on them, Drag and Drop them on the Chart. That simple.


Double Clicking on the products does also the same job for you.




Tab: About

Here we have 'Product Copyright' information, 'Link' to the website and a 'Short Description' of the products.

Tab: Common

On this tab, you can Enable/Disable some functions:
- Selecting to trade on only Long/Short or Both
- Enable Alert: (make sure you have it ticked)
- Allow Live Trading: To trade, you must have it Ticked
- Allow DLL imports: (you dont have to tick it)

Tab: Input

The most important part of setting up a product is to input correct and efficient parameters set.
On the 'Description' tab on the product page related to each tool, there is plenty of information how to get this section done.



If Expert Advisor or Script

On the "Standard Tab" right on top bar side of Metatrader, you need to Enable the EA/Script by clicking on "Auto Trading".
During the time that EA is running, you might receive some Alerts from it, check the carefully and act respectively.

If Indicator

Here you would see the Indicator on the Chart. If in any case you cannot see the indicator, try to change the "Timeframe" few times to let the Indicator read whole date faster and appear on the Chart.