You can download the “Close Orders” script for managing close action in multiple positions in the MetaTrader4 trading terminal.

The scripts of “Frustrader Close Orders” can greatly facilitate the management of trading positions and make forex trading much more convenient.


**Note: You can test the product without registering, but follow the registration steps for full access to use the product.

If the client trades with a strategy that involves opening a large number of trading positions, it can be very difficult to manually Close Orders or protect a large number of trades of the same type.

In such cases, scripts will help.

Frustrader Close Order script is configurable in any of the following modes:

  • Orders_Category: This Chart Only, All Charts
  • Ordrs_PNL: Profit Only, Loss Only, All Orders
  • Min_Profit_Loss: In this section, the amount of profit and loss is entered, which, if reached, the position is closed
  • Orders_Side: BothOrders, Buy Orders Only, Sell Orders Only
  • Orders_Type: AllOrders, Stop Orders, Limit Orders, Stop And Limit, All Types
  • Slippage: The maximum allowed deviation of the requested price for closing of the order from the market price.
  • Retries: The number of attempts made by the script to close a position.
  • Alert_On: In this section, by selecting the True or False option, the display of closing positions by script can be turned on or off.
  • Summery: If the True option is selected in this section, a summary of the full position details closed by the script will be displayed.

In order to start the execution of the Script, just hold it with the left mouse button, drag it onto the chart of the currency pair and release the key.

After performing its function, the script will automatically be deleted from the chart.


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