All traders, regardless of their screen size, sometimes need to switch quickly between charts, have specific settings on each chart, or check different timeframes for a different currency pairs. Everyone knows that no matter how fast we are or how many monitors we have, it can be difficult. Frustrader has made an innovation to meet this need.

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Using the Windows indicator, you can see hundreds of windows and different modes of currency pairs with just one click.

Frustrader Windows allows you to change all the currencies in front of a particular currency, different timeframes for selected currencies, different templates on open charts by clicking a button as shown below.

This tool gives you special control and multiplies your speed for switching on different charts and creating different settings.
Switching between charts will be possible with one click like the pictures below.

You can see the Windows Frustrader settings in the image below.

In addition to display settings, you can select and adjust the currencies or CFDs of your choice.
To better understand how Windows works, we recommend watching the description video. 

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