• Larger Time Frame Display
  • Single / Multi Time Frame
  • Hide & Show the Candlesticks
  • Adjust Template & Brightness


You can download this product directly here for MT4 / MT5 yet it will not work unless you have purchased the relevant Subscription, or you have registered your trading account under our Trusted Brokers.

After registration / purchase, please follow the Authorization process and install this tool through the Installation Guide.

Note: This product is designed to be installed on MetaTrader Platform Desktop Version. It will not be installed on Mobile Version

  • Larger Time Frame than the Current Chart Time Frame is all available to be displayed through one click.


  • On the input, by choosing the Current Time Frame, the indicator displays all larger Time Frames.By choosing any specific Time Frame in the input menu, the Indicator only displays that one.


  • Easily Hide / Show the Panel and the Candlesticks, in order to proceed with further analysis.


  • Light / Dark Template, which is possible to adjust the Brightness.

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Expert Advisor

MA, Risk Management


Gold, Platinum


Built-in Risk Management, Trade Assistant