Smartingale Expert Advisor is a very effective tool for scalpers who trade based on Martingale Strategy. This tool enables traders for the followings: 

  • Smart Separated Functionality (Long vs. Short)
  • Smart Calculation Risk/Profit/Loss
  • Smart Levels Martingale
  • Smart Timer
  • Smart Trading Setup

In the following, you will learn how to control this efficient assistant.


You can download this product directly here for MT4/MT5 yet it will not work unless you have eighter purchased the relevant Subscription, or registered your trading account under our Trusted Brokers.

After registration/purchase, please follow the Authorization process and install this tool through the Installation Guide.

Note: This product is designed to be installed on MetaTrader Platform Desktop Version.
It will not be installed on Mobile Version

✅ Smart Separated Functionality:

  • All functionalities work individually with no inheritance from either side's settings.

✅ Smart Calculation Risk/Profit/Loss:

  • Risk/Profit hit price - Max Loss hit price.
  • All are calculated and displayed on the chart Easy to setup your trading condition.
  • All moves in the market are under your control.

✅ Smart Levels Martingale:

  • Smart Displaying for Martingale Level.
  • So it brings absolute control of what is going to happen in the market.

✅ Smart Timer Trading Setup:

  • Smart check : Unlimited - Moving - Trend Line.
  • Smart Trend Sensitivity : Sensitive - Normal - Smoothed.
  • Smart Continuation : Once / Continue.

Lot volume: Input Lot manually, or the EA determines the appropriate volume based on your input Risk, if you set the Lot to 0.

Initial Risk: You can specify from 0.01 to 100% of the permissible risk. 

Martingale Steps: The covering orders steps, which is based on Points.

Multiplier: Defines in which rate the coming trade volume is multiplied.

Max Order: Maximum number of total open trades.

Step Extension: determines the rate of which the Levels are going to be extendedly opened.

Profit Rate: determines in what profit rate all trades are closed. 

Max Loss action: In "Max Loss" rate and action. Rate is clear, it is the percentage of the current balance. We have four actions here: "No" which will not close, Just "Show", we have "Alert" and "Close" the Loss. It will close the loss, if the EA is in "Active" Mode. In "Pause" Mode, it will just "Alert" or "Show".


Set Check Mode:

  • If you set it to “Unlimited”, there will be no check, and the EA will open orders, regardless of the trend in the market.
  • You set it to “Satisfactory”, and it will identify the trend based on a unique calculation setup, with the help of RSI and ATR.
  • You set it to “Moving” and it will consider the trend based on the moving you set. If the price is above this moving, it is considered as the Long trend, and if below, it will be the Short trend.
  • The next item is the “Trend line” that you can draw the trend line in any way you would like, and for the Short setup, as long as the price is below the Descending Channel Trend Line, the EA would look for an entry setup, and for the Long, it will be done if the price is above the Ascending Channel Trend Line.
Frustrader Currency Strength Meter Input

Set Trend Mode: Trend Confirmation includes 3 items. Sensitive looks for only one confirmation, Normal for two and Smoothed looks for 3 confirmation to enter a new trade.

Set Trade Mode: In this section, if it is set to “Once”, it will trade only one time, and once the trades are closed at the profit level, the EA on this side will be set to “Pause”. However, the “Continue” option would continue trading.

Set profit Mode: The "Mode" will decide the way trades should be closed. If it is "Fixed" the target profit for closing the trades is the same as you selected. But if the mode is set to "Stacked", it will consider this profit rate per one micro lot which is 0.01 lot.

Set FAST time frame: Set the time frame interval between M1 and M15

Set SLOW time frame: Set the time frame H4 or D1

(All of the above can be modified at any time in the panel; But the other setting which cannot be modified on the panel and would be set only once here)

Set moving Average: The Moving Average Indicator uses prices as data and calculates the average of past prices based on a defined time period and displays it in a linear format on the price chart. 

Set Slippage: Slippage happens when you take a position at the price you see on the chart, but your position opens at another price. In fact, the cause of slippage is very rapid price fluctuations that make it shocks the market. You can set the amount point you want in the input, so that your order will be executed up to that amount of price movement.

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Expert Advisor

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