One Click Risk Management (ORCM), like the original OneClick in MetaTrader, places Orders and Trades, yet more efficiently:


  • Smart Calculation Risk/Profit/Loss
  • Instant/Stop/Limit Order Placement
  • Close Trades/Delete Pending
  • Triple Order Lot Proportions
  • Triple TakeProfit Levels


Automated Risk Calculation:

-The Risk is adjusted based on "Stop Loss" level and the "Account Balance"
-Changing Stop Loss or Entry Level will result in adopting a precisely calculated Trading Volume (Lot)

Pending Orders Placement:

-Easy Switch between Instant Execution and Pending Orders

Proportional Allocation:

-Calculating Lot proportionally

Triple Levels Take Profit:

-Instant Closing Options
-Instant Deleting Pending Orders
-Single/Double/Triple Proportionally Calculate Take Profit

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