When the news comes out, especially the important news that everyone is watching, you can almost expect to see a big move in market; Your goal as a trader is to get the movement right, in fact you know the market is likely to create an opportunity worth exploring. Frustrader has designed an Expert Advisor that detects strong movements when a news item occurs and takes a position toward its trend.   **Note: You can test the product without registering, but follow the registration steps for full access to use the product.



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News Trader Expert is one of the best experts for hunting golden positions in the market.
This expert works on the basis of positioning at the time of news and shock to the market.
Before explaining the expert, let's take a look at its input window:

As you can see in the input window above, stop loss, take profit,& trailing stop can be adjusted in this here. These values can be entered by you for News Trader Expert positioning.

Lot volume: You can enter the trading volume manually in lots in this section. If you want the expert to estimate the appropriate volume of the trade according to account's liquidity and the risk allowed, enter the value of zero here.

Risk: You can specify from 0.01 to 100% of the permissible risk for each transaction in this section.
Lot Multiply by: If it is set to zero, it will be inactive, but if it is set to one, when the market moves in a direction that causes a loss, it tries to compensate for the loss by taking other positions. This increases the risk of trading when the market is highly volatile.
Gap during news: In this section, we enter the acceptable gap amount in point. If it is obtained, the expert will take a position
Some news may create very small gaps. Having a filter of the minimum gap required for positioning allows the expert to ignore small movements.
Gap for new order: If the gap we entered in the previous section occurs, in this section we determine exactly where to position it. If we enter zero, it will take the position exactly at the same point after the gap. You can also enter higher values.
Max Spread during News: In this section, we determine the allowable spread.
If the broker offers a higher spread than you entered here at that moment, the expert will not take a position.
Max time during news: In this section, we specify how long after the news, the expert will look for the conditions to get the position.
Proceed with opening new orders: If we want the expert to take multiple positions during some news, we set the value of this field to true.
Orders Step: If the previous field value is set to true, in this section we specify how far from the previous gap the expert is allowed to position.
Other fields are related to the number and appearance settings of expert buttons and fonts.

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