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How Can I Use The Unique Printer Expert Advisor?

Open a new trading account in Frutrader Trusted Brokers, using Frustrader link.

Download the Printer Expert Advisor & Install it on your MetaTrader. (learn how to install)

Setup the Expert to best perfo9rm according to your package & start trading. (better to use a strong VPS )

Lightest In the Market

This expert is the most unique on the market. The development technology of this expert has made it very light.
Just run the EA in a single window & the EA automatically works on the pairs you specify.

Fast EA
Printer Expert Input

Printer EA Input Items

In the Expert Printer input window you can change the following values:

Risk: To determine the amount of risk you can take.
If you consider the risk as one percent, each order risks one percent of your capital hitting the stop loss.

Deviation: It points to Deviation from the standard and it is better to be between 15 to 25.

Trading Pairs/Index/Instrument: In this section, you can specify your desired pairs. If you can position a large number of pairs according to your package, it is better not to take risk more than two percent.

Set Time Frame: Depending on the strong or weaker your VPS is, set M1 and M5 timeframes.

Setting_Strategy: Depending on what strategies your package is allowed to use, you can enable or disable the strategies in this section.
If your package is not allowed to use a strategy, activating it will have no effect on the orders taken.

Set SSL: You can also switch the SSL in case of any problems. In both cases, it is best to define the URLs in the allowed URLs of your MetaTrader options.

Set Magic Number: This number distinguishes experts from each other. If the magic number isn't set, other active experts may manipulate the orders taken. This is a kind of labeling for orders.

Timeout: Do not change this. Some VPSs are weak. when the server doesn't respond in 5 seconds a server communication malfunction error is announced.

Different pairs are provided for different packages as described below.
You need to specify the pairs that are allowed in your package. If you insert the pair out of the package, you will not take orders.

It is better to find it in a pair that has a lot of movement and works 24 hours a day and has no rest.

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